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David switched to playing traditional music from Bach and Stravinsky on oboe (music which he still adores) after developing a passion for the traditional New England dance — contra dancing.The love of music and dance infuses all of Davids many activities which might include performing with the well known bands Swallowtail and Wild Asparagus or leading a parade of costumed campers at family dance camps.Tina teaches, performs, improvises, produces recordings, composes and arranges, writes popular and scholarly articles, and directs David Cantieni plays saxophone, flute, bombard, whistle, and feet, along with numerous other wind instruments - including the oboe.

I transcribed those data to Excel in order to put the oil sands pollution into perspective.

In Syracuse, the numbers are slightly more even, with 115 unattached men for every 100 women -- which works out to 87 single ladies for every 100 men.

» Syracuse's best restaurants for a first date According to USA Today, Pew recently found a record number of Americans 25 and older have never been married: 20 percent.

The “report” (Kurek et al., 2013) did find slight elevations (relative to 1950) of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in five lakes in the vicinity of the Fort Mc Murray, near oil sand mining and upgrading operations in NE Alberta.

The PAH flux trends in four of the lakes were unremarkable compared to the control (Namur Lake).

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