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At just £15 these boots by Glamorous are an irresistible bargain!The end: By October Lily's Instagram feed no longer featured pics of Jamie.But Elizabeth-Jayne Tierney has now confirmed that she has split from Jamie O'Hara, after just a month of dating.The model told The Sun that she wished the former footballer, 30, 'all the best' for the future, but explained that at the moment she just wants to focus on her daughter and her growing career.In keeping with fan convention, no fan got lucky and reported seeing Sale/Simpson schmoopying their way across Paris or Vancouver, and that's because that duo, unlike Virtue/Pelletier, actually exists (although I expect some posters to now say they saw them and just neglected to mention it at the time). Tessa Virtue, that attention whore, parades right out there so everybody knows the rumors are true, while that shy and retiring Jamie Sale manages to keep her actual wedding secret until she blindsides everyone on twitter. Thank heavens Jamie had already met her own new best friend, BOTB co-star Craig, prior to Tessa shamelessly stealing Jamie's man. Sale and Pelletier presented as your basic married skating sweethearts during Vancouver, then afterwards transitioning into the solid tradition of divorced skating partners who remain the warmest friends. They don't want to tell us the inside story of their marriage and divorce, complete with scrapbook photos in book form or albums dedicated to facebook spam - I'm okay with that. From grow-your-own seeds to high-end kitchenware, from cooking classes to advertising production – not to mention the successful recipe books, TV shows and restaurant chains – the Jamie Oliver brand covers almost every conceivable concept when it comes to food.As well as accumulating a personal fortune (he owns 80 per cent of Jamie Oliver Holdings, the umbrella company for all the various enterprises), he has become a high-profile campaigner when it comes to healthy eating, school dinners and combating obesity.

And today Jamie makes this announcement: That's how you do it. Skip explaining why you waited almost two years before mentioning you were separated.

To the first time I saw them tell Erich Segal’s story of love… And as I recall, neither of them fared that well in viewers’ votes when they skated with other partners in that Thin Ice program that aired in March. (OK, for the record, I was all of about 6 or 7 when the show ended and I barely remember it myself, but still…)A skating couple is different of course…

to the great insight and fun they offer whenever I’ve seen them do commentary…But when it came to their commentary duties, what stuck with me most was this… (big sigh)They say they will continue to skate professionally, and really, what choice do they have if they want to keep earning a living this way?

All of which means he has come under fire from some quarters – including chip-loving school pupils and their mothers, irritated government ministers, and restaurant critics who sneer at his cheeky-chappy persona and bish-bash-bosh cooking methods, described as “so 10 years ago,” to quote one naysayer. Unlike Ramsay, his core business is still hugely profitable.

It was only in February that they rekindled their romance, following his stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

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