Dating a quadriplegic

Tepper set out to develop a new field of study in human sexuality as it related to pleasure in spinal cord injury and any type of physical or mental disability.He recently published a new book, “ The number one question asked by people with spinal cord injuries or many other types of injuries is: “Will I be able to have children?This article is by Nate Herpich on behalf of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Paralysis Resource Center (PRC).The PRC is a national resource which provides a road map of complimentary services and programs to empower individuals living with paralysis.Stuart Turner could soon be looking round the Grand Canyon or Niagra Falls using the 2kg flying device, which he controls by moving his head his head and eyes using Google Glass computer worn on his head.Mr Turner, who was forced to drop out of a degree in computer science, has been developing the drone, and the software to control it, with scientists at Brown University, Rhode Island.

I’d just broken my neck at C6-7 and been told I’d be a quadriplegic.Growing up, Paralympic swimmer Theresa Goh did not know of any disabled people who went on dates.Neither did she see people with disabilities portrayed as being in relationships on television or in the movies.He was entering his second year when the crash happened.Rahalkar does all his patient interviews and reviews files with medical staff. The funding for Lech's position is a joint effort between the Nova Scotia Health Authority, Dalhousie University and Rahalkar's insurance company. "He's so determined." While Rahalkar was in the ICU and couldn't speak, plans were being made to ensure he could keep working.

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